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Single-use microfluidic cartridge  bringing cells to microelectrodes in the measurement zone.

The C-Netics analyzing cells once in the measurement zone using machine learning algorithms 

On-line real time measurements

Simple, sterile and reliable


The single use kit is connected to the bioreactor or to any other cell container. The cartridge is then inserted in the C-Netics in a plug and play manner.


The C-Netics is equipped with an embedded digital microscope, allowing to observe a cell culture’s sample directly in closed loop. Once the culture is connected to the single-use kit, manual steps are no longer needed and hundreds of measurements can be performed during the whole cell culture duration. The sample, once analyzed, is pumped back into the bioreactor or flask.


As images are captured to determine cell density, the C-Netics takes advantage of the shift in cell electrical properties induced by death to measure cell culture’s viability. The electrodes in the cartridge generate electric fields with specific frequencies inducing dielectrophoretic forces differing from dead to living cells. As a result, living cells are expected to travel faster on the measurement zone than the dead ones.


In order to automate this process, detection and tracking machine learning algorithms are implemented in the C-Netics. The detection algorithm is able to detect cells on the electrodes and to measure their size. Once the cells move, the tracking algorithm is able to follow their path and measure the distance covered during a given amount of time.

Data analysis

With the important quantity of data collected in a small amount of time, viability and density are determined with precision.